Monday, December 07, 2009


hey you guys it was a great time, thanks to nathan johnson for getting all of this together, philip vanderleest para el speakers (look at him up there lookin great like a real DJ), GTR Pro for the tubes, all of my good tube friends for helping with the formations (y'all were great), and the library for being very open minded about all of this. the people there were awesome, no, YALL WERE AMAZING. it was super scary having my mix up there for 10 minutes and I had NO control over it.

(All photos courtesy of Blake McCollum)

libraRAVE Mixtape (follow link)

01. Justice - Genesis (Datsu Remix)
02. Daft Punk - Television Rules the Nation/Crescendolls
03. Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Tiesto Remix)
04. Fake Blood - Mars (Dave Nada Hood Remix)
05. Rolling Stones - Satisfaction (DiscoTech Remix)
06. M.I.A. - Boyz
07. Crying Soul
08. Tune Up - Raver's Fantasy
09. Douster - King of Africa
10. Daft Punk - One More Time

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a heartfelt answer instead of my technical one.

every now and then i'll get the question and insta-retort "why do you guys do something like once a month instead of every week? people would be more likely to come once a month" it's a question that grows wearying, but i must admit is fair seeing as it has been demonstrably true. the easy answer has always been to simply say that "our only real option where we aren't under the sway of the schedules of sororities and fraternities" which we are very truly subject to in a once a month schedule. given that there is the very real possibility that we can be pre-empted by the awkward and white, we might as well go for boogie bytes 4 out of 5 thursdays a month instead of maybe once.

but the reason deep down why boogie bytes exists and why lazy pixel existed before it is not to necessarily give people a party or a reason to go nuts, its to give them a regular option to do so. that may seem to be two of the same thing contradicting each other, but if you want to really reach out to people, you have to meet them halfway and this can in fact mean on their schedule. plus if you want to give people who will support the music and the scene already, why not give them a reliable, regular alternative instead of a rare party then having us all go back into our holes? this gives us a unique opportunity because this simply does not exist other places in starkville (and if you say dave's i will politely beg to differ.) and we're just glad to have been given the chance.

that being said, we've received a really fantastic response from people, who have come out and invited their friends to create a perpetually growing group of people and excitement. i'm continually surprised at how we add members and really excited to see where we can go over the next few months.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

he died with a felafel in his hand

films aren't what i usually talk about on the blog. i mean, i'm not a critic about everything. following the life of a writer, danny (played by noah taylor) as he bounces around shared houses in australia under a constantly changing identity, trying to keep the police one step behind him as they engage him in their mundane chase. also following him is a cast of core characters, namely a german pagan lesbian with a taste for chaos, a love interest with all-the-wrong interest in stability, and a heroin junkie named flip, as well as the absurdity that follows when these folks and the law intersect.

this film is extremely well balanced. its sense of absurdity anchored in a cast of characters who exist in our realm of people. it moments of sadness ended with moments of endearing human decency. the writing in this film is another source of balance, masking its depression with riotously funny dialog. also the directing in this film, handled by richard lowenstein, there is a special importance to the houses where he lives and who he ends up living with.

also, this song is fantastic (same one from the trailer, by the stranglers:

want to get married?
no, i've got to go out later.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

concert schedule

hey, i know you're all pumped about girl talk tomorrow, its gonna be the show of a lifetime here in little ole starkville, buttttttt.... what about future plans? well, here we come to help you guys out!

bottletree cafe (bham!)
10/09 - Rain Machine
10/11 - david bazan
10/16 - monotonix
10/22 - art brut (i will likely be there)
10/24 - a fine frenzy (yeah, don't go to this show)
10/28 - WHY? yes!
10/29 - Pomegranates
10/30 - Islands and toro y moi (jemina pearl will be there if she feels like it.
10/31 - sugar and gold if you aren't at the princess, be here.
11/05 - king khan & the bbq (unless i have a test my ass is there)
11/11 - times new viking/ the axemen

the thirsty hippo (hattiesburg)
10/10 - BLK JKS
10/16 - jim flanigan
11/02 - the gay blades

the lyric (dbagsford)
10/09 - ghostface killah
10/23 - drive-by truckers
11/07 - son volt
11/13 - the four tops (awesome, yes, but stupid expensive)
12/02 - camera obscura

so yeah, you guys have tons of options over the next few months! also, look and see what else is out there and let us know. oh and when you go, let everyone know where you're from so they know that little ole starkville exists! and let your bar owners know that their risks on less known but just as awesome bands will pay off. USE GIRL TALK AS EXHIBIT A!

oh yeah, and the best option there is, BOOGIE BYTES! where we'll be on so many occasions. like every thursday night! oh and halloween, YES!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

new sufjan, really?

thank goodness for ithacan technostapo's! they bring us three.... one two THREE new sufjeezy tracks. they are definately less constructed, but before i say anymore i want you guys to listen to them and comment below and i'll report back your findings!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

one day only!

since i likely won't be playing this ever again, here is a song i've been playing all over. its up for a single day, so it won't be here tomorrow, get it now!

Monday, September 21, 2009

museum mouth

museum mouth has a very special place in my heart. it contains three of my very best friends, karl savannah and graham. they've been together for less than a year now but man are they promise central. singing pop punk songs with, i must say pretty unique lyrics, they keep it simple, fast and full of genuine emotion. you may recognize the guy on the far left (not the cats) from a way earlier post about k. kuehn. but here its clear that sav is the lead singer, lending a sweeter and ultimately catchier tunes!

Habit (demo)